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About Us

What is River Roots?

The Richmond River Roots Market Garden,  is an affiliate division of the Dr.  Kingston memorial health centre (located in L’Ardoise).  River Roots shares the Kingston’s focus on the well-being of Richmond County community members.The goals of River roots are: to increase access to affordable fresh produce, to share gardening and food knowledge and to provide opportunities to socialize with others.


Many of our activities occur in the River roots hub (formerly St. John the Baptist glebe house).  Activities and workshops take place in our commercial kitchen.  We also host social gatherings and lunches in the Cafe Rivière.  See our schedule of upcoming events.We look forward to the River Roots Hub and gardens becoming a place to gather, socialize and exchange ideas.  All profits are reinvested in the enterprise to further develop the project and promote food security.

Board Members 

Dorothy Barnard - Chair of the Board 

Clair Rankin - Board Member  

Julia Burke - Board Member 
Katie LeBlanc - Board Member

Nick MacKenzie - Board Member 

Sherry Sampson - Board Member


Norma Jean MacPhee-Zinck - Project Manager 

Danielle Speck - Gardener
Clayton MacLeod - Gardener

Our Team


403 Church Point Rd.
River Bourgeois 

(right next to St. John the Baptist Church) 



Phone:  902-785-7918

Our Details

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